ScanSource Latin America and Western Union have come together to provide our customers with a fast and easy way to make payments. “Quick Pay” garantees immediate delivery of your money with a lower-than-average fixed rate. For your convenience, Western Union will accept local currency, where allowed by country regulations.

How to Use Quick Pay?

1. Localize the closest participating Western Union office.

2. Complete Quick Pay’s blue form as follows:
* Payable to: Netpoint International
* Company Code: NETPOINT, FL
* Account Name: Name of your company
* Account Number: It shows up on all the invoices and account summaries you get from ScanSource. This information is vital in successfully completing the accreditation of the money.

Once you have made the payment, the Western Union Agent will issue a unique transaction identification number known as Money Transfer Control Number. This is your confirmation of payment. You can be sure your payment will make it to ScanSource Latin America's office in a few minutes.