DOA (Dead on Arrival)


1. Customers have 30 days from invoice issue date to file a claim for DOA.

2. When eligible for credit, the credit memo will only be issued once the products are accepted by the Vendor in exchange of a replacement or credit.

3. In regards to DOA for Mexico, an advanced replacement (once having vendor’s approval) unit will be send by ground shipment and freight costs will be covered by ScanSource. Any other customer in Latin America will have to pay for the freight costs.

4. Any damaged shipment will need to be reported within 24 hours after the delivery. In case of a late claim, a request to report a DOA might be rejected.

5. Any damaged shipment for Mexico will need to be refused and will need to be reported to Customer Services.

6. No DOA will be accepted when the product has been used or even misused by not following the instructions of the vendor.

7. The warranty will be voided in case of damage, misuse, scratch or if the fault is provoked by the installation of a third party software or external license.

8. In case of an exchange, the distributor will have to wait for the replacement unit sent by the vendor.