Why Buy from ScanSource Latin America?

Because you want a partner who can help you beat the competition, close more deals and discover greater profitability! At ScanSource POS and Barcode, we do that every single day by investing in the right resources, programs and people to help you create profitable growth. And, when you work with a distributor who brings this kind of value to every relationship, what’s supposed to happen happens, every single time.

Here are a few of the important value-adds we bring to every relationship:

Focused Expertise

We don’t sell every product line available for the AIDC, POS and mobility technology markets. In fact, we strategically maintain a limited linecard that’s narrow but very deep. That way, our subject matter experts can help you build solutions that are more complete than ever before, meeting your customers’ needs and creating profitable growth.

Our team includes:

  • Knowledgeable technical support
  • Dedicated, experienced sales reps
  • Skilled professional services via ScanSource Services Group

Centralized Logistics

When you need it now, and you need it right, ScanSource has you covered. Our accuracy is almost perfect. Speed and efficiency are our default mindset. And, the ability to deliver the solutions you need, with a good dose of confidence in how they’ll arrive, is proof of just how seriously we take our commitment to excellence.

  • We’re nimble and agile enough to handle any request
  • Because we have the largest inventory, we also have the best product availability
  • We maintain a 99.87% shipping accuracy rate 
  • Standard freight shipping is always FREE with us

Solution Consultants

You want to get the most out of every deal, and our subject-matter experts are ready to work side-by-side with you to design, configure and build custom solutions. They know how to implement the hardware and software components seamlessly. And they’re dedicated to helping you create real solutions to your end users’ business problems. As tenured, technical employees, our Solution Consultants hold specific certifications and training in high-growth-market technologies, from mobile point-of-sale and payment processing to mobile managed services, wireless infrastructure and field services.

Mobility Experts

The mobility landscape is changing quickly. And, whether you’re targeting traditionally rugged and semi-rugged environments or pursuing new markets, you need resources that help you sell, deploy and support the right solutions. From education to execution, we’re empowering you for growth with programs like our MobilETC. We’re dedicated to ensuring you sell the best mobility solutions on the market today. And we’re helping you turn mobility into profitability.

Other Reasons

Technical Support: We know our products and your business. We’re tenured, certified and confident. And we’re ready to solve any problem you bring us.

Enablement: We help small businesses grow big and big businesses grow smart.
  • Payment Services / Solution Suite
  • Education / Training
  • Reseller Financial Services

ScanSource Services Group: We can MAXIMIZE your business.
  • Marketing Services
  • Professional Services
  • Custom Configuration Services / Integration